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A wedding with any other name….

It may sound wierd but I love browsing the wedding pictures from across the world on Picasa’s public albums.

A Wedding day is one of the overwhelmingly happy days of a person’s life apart from the birth of offspring and each and every achievement of theirs in the years thereafter.

I think on many levels all the humans are similar to their counterparts in the other countries on this planet. There are so many rituals and folklore that are amazingly similar. Even the relationships in all the countries and all the innumerable cultures in this world are all so similar…

Just today I saw a wedding album where the bride was all happy and dancing one instance and the next she was hugging her mom(dancing). All of a sudden tears welled up in her eyes and she hugged her mom all the more closer.

I felt the same way when I was getting married and so do so many other brides on their wedding day. There are so many emotions going in the air on a wedding day that they catch up with us and make us cry always at the end of the wedding. I cry at other’s weddings too. I look at the bride and her mom, aunts, siblings, cousins all getting all sad and happy at the same time and I can’t help but react.

There is a ritual in our culture where the parents of the bride give away the bride to all the married older couples in the grooms family. My dad was to dip my palms in milk and rub my hands on the couples open palms. But he was so sad his actions were much slower than normal. Seeing him that way made me sadder. And tears ensued. I had infact made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t cry at my wedding but I couldn’t keep my promise.

And the way Steve Martin’s George reacts to his daughters plans for a wedding is sooo real and thats exactly how the brides dads are all over the world would react I guess. These dad’s wouldn’t care if their wives would have to find their own means to go out and run some errands which typically he can do but wouldn’t, but if it’s his daugther he would go out of the way to help her out in whatever. He needs to know if she is living happily, earning comfortably and dealing with others wisely. If his baby girl(no matter if she is the mom to a school going kid) ever mentions that she saw a beautiful piece of jewellery on someone he can’t sleep till he buys one for her too.

Moms…they are made of something else altogether. They love their kids, no doubt, but after they become nanas all they think of, are their grandkids. How are they, how are they studying, how are they coping with the weather, are they eating, are they eating enough? These are just a few questions we get from them everytime they call. If the grandkids are sick they can’t sleep at night worrying. Just like they used to stay awake when we were sick.

Coming back to weddings. Like in the western wedding, in an indian wedding too there are the best man and maid of honor sort of thing. But the rule is that they need to be younger than the bride/groom respectively and still unmarried. The father and mother of the bride give her away. We have wedding vows too but they are chanted by the priest. Trust me its better that way…;-) We can always say “I never said that”. Like some European weddings have both sides gifting each other with bread we have a welcome ceremony where the two parties give little gifts and some sugar water to drink. Its sort of like appeasing each other to take the ceremony forward with a sweet beginning. Our ancestors thought of everything. Love it!

Wearing white is also a common tradition. Much like a western wedding the guests throw rice, colored with turmeric powder, on the bride and groom at the auspicious hour. Whats fun is the part where the bride and groom get to pour handfuls of rice on each other taking turns. Thats one of the fun parts of a telugu wedding.

Well thats all that comes to mind right now…