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And then there was MJ…

Michael Jackson is dead. It seems so weird as i type this. I still can’t bring myself to believe that. Not in the least bit. Its too hard to sink in. I wish I could jsut cry it out loud but its soooooooooooo unreal that I can’t.

VH1 is playing all his videos this whole weekend as a tribute. each song a gem and the videos such harbingers. I was at my workplace when a work colleague told me about MJ. the first two people that came to my mind were my Mother and my elder brother. cos they were the two people besides myself who loved Michael’s songs in our family. Mom likes very few american singers. And Michael was one of her all time favorites. I was wondering if she heard and how she was taking it…I learnt from her later that she broke down when she saw the news on TV. We had his poster on the bedroom wall at our parents place, until a couple of months ago. She said that she thought “If only we hadn’t pulled the poster down, maybe…just maybe we wouldn’t have had to listen to this sad news this soon…” Thats sheer adoration for you.

I still remember my brother singing MJ’s songs and he was sooo good. He and I would sing “Heal the world” in the typical two scale chorus that it had. We loved his songs and we would buy his albums and try to devour as many tunes as we possibly could by playing the songs over and over and over again in our room much to my dad’s chagrin. he was like the dad in “Black or White”…Turn Down The Volume. But that would fall on deaf ears.

Michael’s Smile

I heard from some channel on TV that MJ’s videos made MTV that it is. His elaborate mini-movie kind, action-packed, melodramatic videos pioneered the music video business as it is today. I also saw that the people had made the day of his passing, a day of celebrating his life. One cannot possibly begin to understand how many countless lives he touched not just with his beautifully choreographed performances or the most melodious music or the most meaningful and heartfelt lyrics but also with his numerous charity causes that he undertook over the years. Lots of singers and dancers call him their Idol and Role Model in their careers. His moves are still used in many videos and movies here in India. Lots of dancers and singers’ dream is to be on stage with him atleast once in their lives. He remains such an incredible inspiration to so many for 4 decades and counting…

His music was unlike any other. Sure we heard a lot of other artists but when my brother brought the albums home…I thought to myself….And Then There Was Michael Jackson. So unique in his sound and the tunes so original and one of a kind. So haunting his lyrics and his voice so smooth and so healing…His song “Smile
which is a cover of Nat King Cole’s version, brought me out of innumerable lows in my adolescent life. So did “You are not alone!” in the later years.

Last but not the least, his smile…his incredible, child-like, coy, dimpled smile is enough to take one’s breath away. Especially after performing a song and everyone’s applauding or in his acceptance speeches at music awards…not to mention the smile in his music videos like “Remember the Time”.

Oh! I could just go on about Michael forever…But right now I should get some sleep…If only to escape this pain till tomorrow morning when the reality of his passing will hit hard, no doubt!

MJ Lives On in the hearts of all whose lives he has touched! God bless him!!!