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This is it!

MJ Rehearsing

It’s been a year since he passed on…I am watching Michael Jackson’s This is it!
Today and this weekend there are so many tributes to Mikey! I think finally everyone has come to terms to the fact that he is no more. VH1 has “MoonWalk”, FM radios have tributes playing tonight.

This movie shows all the rehearsals in the sequence to make it a full song with bits from all the rehearsals of that song. Beautiful movie. But when i see it i feel “what a waste” they had so many beautiful plans and pyrotechnics and video streams and stuff planned to make this show the best of the best of MJ. The designers were designing thie outrageous wardrobe for him with swarovski and diamonds to make him dazzling on stage. It seemed like that they had everything set to make it a humongously gorgeous show.

We can see he is so humble, so child-like in some situations. Like when the orchestra would play his bass well or the keyboards well or the way he envisaged it, he would break into smiles, just like children do when they see something magical…:) Yet he was so mature when he would talk about the notes to play and how to improvise…

The Team

He even gave a pep talk to the entire entourage about how the people who come there want escapism and that they need to be taken places they havent gone before and to give the fans the best performance they can give. He said they needed to give the audience love. It’s all love…We see he loved the planet most of all…He wanted people to take care of the planet…Not push the responsibilty to someone but start with us…us! He meant it too…

He guided the girl who played the guitar on how to play the high note and hold it before drawing it to a low one. “Its your chance to shine, and we’ll be here with you!” That just touched my soul…Everything he had to say, he would say it politely, even if it was something that would have anyone flare up in anger, but not MJ.

We see he had so much energy to dance, frail as he looked, more than ever. Although he wasnt singing too much, he didnt stop dancing for the rehearsals. Most of the moves were familiar ones from his videos. He still got it baby! In the songs when there would be the bit where he needed to dance solo or sing solo the dance group would stand and cheer him on and engulfed themselves in the bliss that was the performer MJ…

I think they were blessed to be there with him for those days before he was gone forever. I am sure they felt that way too. They were handpicked by him in the huge audition for the ultimate group that was gonna tour with him. Just being chosen by a legend would’ve give such a kick, imagine practising with him, so close to him. Pure Adrenaline!!!

Mike was saying through out “I am saving my voice for the moment” he was not straining his voice lest it might go bad for the final performances. But little did he know that he was going to die even before he set foot in England. I felt he should’ve sang his heart out cos he sooo wanted to. Its easy to fall in love with him. his passion for music, his struggle for perfection, his impeccable singing and his magical dancing. how much ever i say would be very little. He is a legend to beat all legends! May his soul rest in peace!

Heal the World!!!