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Move On…

Watching “The Lovely Bones” for the third time. Its a typical “life is what happens to you when you are busy making other
plans” sort of movie…

Suzie has a nice suburbanesque cosy family with two loving sensible parents and regular siblings. A grandma who teaches her how to “Carpe Diem” when it comes to matters of the heart when she sees that Suzie likes Ray Singh – the Indian guy from England with unusually long eyelashes. But what she doesn’t know is that their neighbor is a psycho who has his eyes on her for a long time. He even goes to the length of creating an elaborate trap laboriously for many nights all to entice the little Suzie. Well he wins and she loses her life.

Then we see her family trying to come to grips with the tragedy in their own way. The mom is tired of the dad obsessed with finding the killer all the time without spending time with the family which needs togetherness to cope. the younger sister is obsessed with proving the neighbor Mr.Harvey had something to do with Suzies disappearance.

In the meanwhile suzie slips into a plane where she is not yet severed the ties with her physical self and the soul. she is
still associating herself to the physical body known as Suzie and has all the emotions of one. All the anger, anguish,
helplessness and vengefulness. When she knows that her emotions are getting reflected in her dad, she tries to get her
revenge through him by sowing the seed of doubt in him that Mr.Harvey could be Suzies killer. She also had a longing when she died. For Ray Singh. Her first kiss with him.

The Lovely Bones
The vendetta and her unfulfilled love keep her soul hanging in an
imaginary heaven. There is a gazebo there, which was the one last thing that would keep the memory of her previous life
alive. She knew she was to leave to the place where there is no memory, no form, no description. But she chooses to stay. Chooses to seek pleasure and pain from her family and her love. We see the state of the gazebo and her surroundings change according to her state of mind. Sort of a reflection of her emotions. When she realizes that she is tearing her family apart with her vengeful feelings and that they won’t let go until she did. So for her family and her love to move on with their lives she moves on leaving her life behind.

We do that while we are alive too. We don’t want to let go of our past. We feel our past had all the best times if we were happy. We think we had all the worst times if we were sad. But either way we don’t let go. What we really need to learn is to let go of the past and move on. Thats when we can enjoy the beauty of the present. “Carpe Diem”….!!!