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The Twilight Saga

I can’t believe I am writing a blog post on the Twilight Saga.

I watched three movies from the series of 4. Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. I am not ashamed to say I loved them, especially Eclipse. The story gets better and better. Mostly for girls who love Edward.

The fans are split into Team Edward and Team Jacob. Most girls like Edward cos he is out of this world. He is old fashioned and chivalrous. Jacob on the other hand is more hormones and rage. But both of them love Bella to the point that they would risk their lives for her.

But when I was watching the saga I couldn’t help but notice some weird similarities between Twilight and True Blood, a Television series based on Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. The SS series were published way before the Twilight Saga was dreamed up by Stephenie Meyer.

Hereforth TB stands for TrueBlood and Tw stands for the Twilight Saga.

In TB the story revolves around the girl Sookie Stackhouse. Twilight around Bella Swan. Both the girls are in love with old (read very old) vampires, Bill and Edward respectively.

Both the vampires have an authoritative committee to watch over the vampires’ deeds. The committee heads are Eric and Aro respectively. Both are fascinated by the girls in question.

Psyched yet!!?? There’s more…

In TB Sookie can read minds but cannot read Bill’s mind. In Tw Edward can read everyone’s mind except Bella’s. Sookie is adored by a shape-shifter, her boss Sam who shape-shifts into a dog much like Jake wishes Bella was his imprint, Jake is a were-wolf by the way.

In TB Eric says Sookie knows too much and should be killed just as Aro says Bella should be killed for the same reasons. Bill saves her by reasoning with Eric that she could help them as she knows how to read minds. But in Tw actually Alice saves her by seeing the future where Bella and Edward are running in sunshine with sparkles on their faces suggesting that Bella has been turned(into a vampiress)…:D

When Vampire Bill is away to get punished, Sookie is protected by Sam. Just like Bella is protected by Jake when Edward tries to stay away from her.

Well that’s where the similarities end I guess. Or I stopped looking. I enjoyed the TB series and the Twilight movies very much. No doubt about it.

Most of the fans of the Twilight Saga are women. I say women cos although the characters are all teenagers, the appeal of tender love and unrequited love always tugs at the heart strings of the females, no matter what age.

I have a work colleague who was absolutely bonkers for Edward till she googled Robert Pattinson’s biography and found he was a whopping 8 years younger. What a shocker!!! Infact Taylor Lautner was way too young to be fancied by her…LOL…

I digress…(that’s the first time I used that phrase…let me know if its a wrong usage)…:)