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Father’s Day!

My dad has always been my Inspiration. In college we had a session in class about who inspires us in life. Well, when it was my turn I said “My Dad”, “If I hate to see anything in this world it’s my dad’s disappointment in me” I continued, “He has lived his life on his own terms and he made a life for us that no one could have imagined him to achieve. He inspires me and I live to see him happy”.

I am married now, have a son. I try to be to my son what my dad is to me. A pillar of strength and the courage to go on. He taught us the three D’s of life. “Duty, Discipline and Dedication” he would always say. I have all three imbibed in me. That’s what has pulled me through some tough times in life. He also says that bad times don’t last too long, your day will surely come.

Even today, when its summer my memories quickly rush back to the days when we all would go to my grandparents’ in the train. I remember asking dad for water or to get me down from the top berth a zillion times per journey. I remember the sheer panic when he would get down at a station to buy something or to refill the water bottle. Will he be back in the safety of our coupe before the train left this station? He always did. 🙂

My dad was required to go on these official trips to neighboring towns. Till my dad got back home I was a wreck. A thousand thoughts would run through my little head, all negative and I would cringe inside. Added to the already jittery demeanor of mine in this regard, my dad was once stuck at a place where a cyclone had struck. No relief greater than when he was back home.

I loved watching sports and news with dad. He seemed like an encyclopedia when it comes to sports and politics. He knew so much about so many things, tennis, cricket, athletics(as in Commonwealth games, Olympics, etc.), for a while he even watched Basketball. He knew international goings on and the national. Ask him anything and he had an opinion. I mean, where did he get all that? I would watch some news(I hate watching news, by the way) just to ask him his opinion on issues and “Why things are as they are?”, etc, etc.

When I had my son, I was just beginning to have a normal diet. He had deep fried bitter gourd for me. He thought he had overfried them so he sprinkled sugar and got it for me to eat. I was so overwhelmed by emotion with that gesture.

My dad wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his kids. Mostly with me. He dislikes celebrating anything on the English calendar. But in our family I managed to get away with celebrating Christmas with the tree, decorations you know, the works. I introduced him to “Father’s Day”. So much so that this year when I didn’t call him on father’s day, he texted me wondering if “you care it’s Father’s Day today?”. 🙂

Well, Dyadee, this one is for you… Every one should have a dad like you…

The Underdog!!!

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Why do ordinary people love seeing the underdog win? Probably because they seek vicarious pleasure in identifying themselves with the underdog and watch ’em win. I think the reality shows’ ratings depend on this.

Oh, I am no different… I would love to see an underdog win against all odds any time of day! I loved Ivan Lendl. He was a champion, no doubt, but somehow Wimbledon always eluded him.

I firstly heard of the word “underdog” from my dad when I began watching Wimbledon with him in the 80’s. It’s used to be so much fun watching Tennis with my dad and my brother. No matter how much they tried to teach me, I was still baffled at why they called “xero”, “love”…and why they called a tie in the player’s matchpoints “Juice”, well “Duece” actually but I didnt know French then you see…:)

My dad was very fond of Lendl because, he said, he served the most aces. Provided he had the serve. But my dad wanted to see Lendl win atleast one Wimbledon tournie. Which he never did though.
He did win lots of other grandslams like French, Australian, US opens.
But he was, I guess, never taken as seriously as the rest of the winners like Becker etc. They even had the words “The Champion That Nobody Cares About”, on a Sports Illustrated issue, that had Lendl’s cover photo. I wonder how hurt he must have been when he saw those words in blood red and bold fonts. Especially after all the endless practice sessions he is famous for when a tournie is on. No one could beat him at stamina on a court. Nor his Ace serves for that matter.

He remains the most intriguing tennis player by far. Most tennis players have their biographies out but not Lendl. In an interview he had said that there is no point in writing biographies now since it will not accomplish anything other than hurt some people. He said he didn’t want to set the record straight about himself at the expense of hurting people. Isn’t he a gem? And to think that people called him “Ivan the terrible”.

I was thinking about him today and I did a little research on him. Turns out he is leading a pretty cosy life with his wife and four daughters who surprisingly turned out to be “pro-golfers in the making”. I read they were pretty good at it too. He had taken to golfing soon after he retired from tennis. I wish him and his family well.


Tooth no more!

My dad bit on a hard cereal having his supper. It moved one of his teeth so bad it hurt for days. On the fourth day he went to the dentist to get the tooth removed. He is alright now except for the vacuum where his tooth used to be. He says cosmetically there is no problem as it is hardly visible when he opens his mouth. But…… I don’t know! To see my handsome dad without a tooth?!! I am yet to visit him after this whole ordeal.

That my dad is getting older by the day hit me like a cold hard rock.