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Now and then it raises its head
No matter how careful I tread
Round and round in the whirlwind
Green and green I bled

The monster is taking me over
Its arrival I had so dread
I wanted to be sober
But it got me drunk instead

High on my new avataar
I soared on thoughts that it fed
Engulfed in its muddy hue
Green, just green I bled!!!

My Music and Me!

When life threw challenges
you stood by me
Stressed or forlorn
my solace you would be

If anguish hits me hard
I turn to you
Never disappointed
To me you remain true

It was always you and I
In pain or pleasure
My source of strength
When I’m shook beyond measure

Whilst busy with
All that life brings forth
You are all I think about
For what it’s worth

Keep me grounded
keepin’ it real
For I get carried away
By life’s appeal

If I were stranded
With nowhere to go
I’d pick you for company
Forever more!!!