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Now I am Officially a Housewife+Career Woman=Wonder Woman

Mango Pickle

When I was dreaming of a perfect life I pictured a nice house in the suburbs, a husband – tall and handsome and ofcourse a son taller and handsomer than his dad. No career, no rush…just a leisure life taking care of the household.

I got a new job in Chennai and incidentally my groom to be had been working in Chennai since the year before. New oppurtunities and newly-weds sounded good. I was having a great time in Chennai although there were all kinds of pressure from my in-laws here in Hyderabad to take control of our lives. I had a son in the second year of our marriage. Seemed like my dream was really coming true.

Here was the twist…in the form of my husband getting transferred to Hyderabad. We all thought it was great to be back in our home town but turned out my troubles just started. I was asked to stay home and be a housewife due to some weird situations in our inlaws’ house where we are staying. Although my dream was to stay home it was not in this home, not like this. I found myself longing to go back to work. To find the freedom I once had. To sing my heart out while doing the dishes or laundry. Cook great dishes every weekend inspite of working hard at the office a week long. To own a computer, a washing machine, an air cooler. I had no freedom to do zilch.

When I had the window of oppurtunity I flew out the window. Meaning I found a job and my career took off once again. Which meant freedom from my inlaws for about 12 hours each day for 5 days a week. I am a good cook, a great UI designer, always am the first choice for team mates for help when they are stuck with a problem, I create beautiful eCards for friends and family, I take care of my son all too well, help him with his school(He gets all A grades), raise him to be an honest, unselfish, kind individual, I give my DH excellent advice on everything, I remember his chores for him as well, pick out the best outfits for them when shopping Been there, done that!

But today I pickled mango….can you believe it? Me neither….Today morning DH and I went to the market and bought the right kinda mangoes,50 to be exact, got the guy there to cut the pieces. I mixed the pieces with the ground spices and voila! I pickled the mangoes red!

This latest feat of mine deserves the title of Housewife+career woman=wonder woman!!!