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I ain’t no stalker!

Have you ever found yourself google-mapping the neighborhood of someone dear? Have you ever googled the pics of them and followed their blogs, facebook or orkut accounts or anywhere the pic was coming from? Have you wondered what time it was over at their place and what they were doing right now? Do you find yourself reading blogs and seeing the pics posted in the blogs of the neighborhood restaurants or local bars or just the street corners wondering if the person in question had ever been there? 

I have.

Does it amount to stalking?


But I ain’t no stalker.

My brother lives in the US. I miss him a lot. But not always. On certain days I just can’t stop thinking about all the good times, the fun we used to have at home, when we were still students. His friends would come over and they all would kid around. Although I would want to laugh out loud at their jokes I wouldn’t, fearing my brothers wrath. Cos he didn’t think it was proper for me to be around when his friends were there. Or so his expression read.

We would watch some fantastic shows and movies on tv together. MASH, Friends, some shows on MTv, Nanny and the Professor(which my brother never missed) and the list goes on.

We would have some jamming sessions, with him on the guitar and me being the chorus girl. He was great at everything he did. He would ask me how he looked before going out for the evening. He had two best outfits that I remember the most. I used to call them the “football” outfits cos they remined me of european football team outfits. 🙂

We would buy TinTin comics at shops around 8kms or sometimes 12Kms away from home. Too eager to read them, we would read them together. He would patiently wait for me to finish reading before he turned the page. He loved comics which were offbeat. I still remember he got home some pretty amazing, sort of dark comics, like “V for vendetta” which for me at that age were very difficult to understand. But when the movie came out I thought that my brother, although born in India, had always a wavelenth to match the UK or the US.

Whichever musical instrument he bought he would play instantly without any lessons. He took guitar lessons only cos he wanted to write the chords down technically. But he already knew how to play them.

I often find myself reading blogs from people who live in his city or state and wonder if he had been to the places or restaurants that are mentioned in them.

Sometimes I miss him to the point of tears cos he was my true friend more than he was my brother. He still is. Its not like we aren’t in touch. But I can’t see him everytime I want to. Other than that no regrets cos I am happy he is happy and successful.

I ain’t no stalker though! Just a fond sister………

and the Grammy goes to…..

I practiced twice aloud and a million times in my mind for this. That evening in front of a relatively small crowd(of about 35 people) I sang my first song on stage in 10 years. I was a nervous wreck. Needless to say I forgot the lyrics when I got to the second stanza.

The moment that happened there was pandemonium in my brain. Cells searching frantically for the lyrics which I was sure I had memorised and the blankness that was washing over them. My brain managed sending me the lyrics of the previous stanza to cover up my total angst.

My face would have looked like a red ball all flushed with embarassment if I had been fairer in complexion. But since I am not, my face didn’t show the panic that had set in.

Can the chance of a lifetime to sing onstage with a singing sensation inspire me so much that I totally humiliate myself in front of people who will most probably snicker and whisper “it’s that girl who fumbled with that song yesterday”…?

Wonder of wonders, when I finished singing the audience did clap really loud, the loudest claps from my friends. Although I knew I didn’t gain any points by forgetting the lyrics, I was amazed to find that I was disappointed that I wasn’t declared the winner. How ridiculously snobbish.

Turns out the whole “winners get to sing with Shaan on stage” line was a decoy. They just needed some crowd to publicize the show and give away free passes for the gallery.

I fell for it hook, line and sinker. There were some compliments the next day from people I least expected to hear from. All’s well that ends well as they say.

If given a chance to do it over maybe I would have done better, but then maybe not…who knows…but the Grammy will always be MINE in my dreams….

Superman has lost his charm!

No! I am not talking about Superman from the planet Krypton, its a manager at my workplace. He is about as tall as a mountain, lean as a surf board, has a good tenor and a well meaning smile.

But…..lately he has been losing all the charm he’d held for me. We invite him to our birthday lunches, team lunches, friday evening fun in the cafeteria, which he either declines or if he does join us he stays for a few minutes, yawns (to indicate he is properly bored) and leaves before the fun even begins. Oh and he takes the developers, who are in his project, with him. Which irks me a lot cos thats the only time we as a team get together for some good times and he has to go and ruin it for us all.

I used to think he was a good manager, calm and easy going and doesnt put too much pressure on the team but seems I was mistaken. In my opinion any manager who doesnt allow his team to have an unwinding session at the end of a long tiresome week is not a good one.

So i bid farewell to all the good feelings and rid my mind of my Superman cos he ain’t no ‘Super’ man afterall!!!