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Oliver Stone

One of the most formidable people I came to know about through the international channels on tv (way back when Hongkong introduced StarTV to us) was Oliver Stone.

I am sure lot of us agree that whether you agree with his side of the story or not we will watch his movies till the end.

His starcast would feature many biggies in one single movie. We used to call them “starstudded” movies in Indian Cinema, when we were kids, which is a rare thing in hollywood. The impressive thing is he doesn’t need stars to make his flick a hit. His script was the star of his movies.

JFK was one such gem of his that my brother and I loved to watch over and over again. The most magical part of his movies is that everytime you watch the movie you are sure to find something new, whether its The Doors, JFK or Natural Born Killers. You never get bored watching them.

My all time favorite brilliant director award goes to….William Oliver Stone.